The first professional speed skating and short-track school in Russia, already opens in September 2017!
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20 Jule 2017
Мастер-класс от Екатерины Лобышевой! 2 сентября в конькобежном центре "Коломна"! Начало в 12:00!
07 August 2017
Joining the training group
Experienced athlete or beginner? Everybody is welcome. In the case of an beginner, an individual training plan will be created, so the athlete will be able to train as quickly as possible with their certain age group.
Regular competitions
In addition to the general competition calendar of the Russian Skating Union, the "School of Champions" of Ekaterina Lobysheva, organizes school competitions where the best athletes can win bonuses in the form of free classes for certain periods.
Qualified trainers
Only high-qualified trainers with long experience of work with children, teenagers and professional athletes work in our school.
Athlete development program (for profesional athletes)
Training for high-level athletes, participants and prize-winners of All-Russian and international competitions, members of the Moscow Region team and the national Russian team.
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Our trainers
Жилина Людмила Альбертовна
Тренер высшей категории с 30-ти летнем стажем работы. Имеет педагогическое образование и награждена знаком "Отличник физической культуры и спорта".
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