After confident victories of Russian skaters at the Olympic Games and at other international competitions, speed skating and short track reached a new, qualitatively high level.

Considering the 20-year-old experiences of the Honored Master of Sports, two-time medal winner at the Olympic Games, Ekaterina Lobysheva, we confidently assert that the school will be able to raise new champions who will dignify for our country and for their hometown.

Advantages for sponsors:
  • Organizing and holding sports events with the involvement of central television channels and all kinds of media, depending on the desire and ability of the sponsor.
  • Placement of sponsorship advertising on athletic equipment of athletes, skating suits, on the official website of our school, social networks, posters, etc.
  • The Russian competition calendar covers a significant part of the subjects of the Russian Federation, which will allow distributing sponsorship advertising to other regions of our country.
  • Online broadcasts of all Russian and international competitions will make it possible for your advertisement to be seen by thousands of people.
Receive detailed information by contacting us through email lobyshevaschool@mail.ru or by phone: 8 (915) 183-43-43.