Lobysheva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
Honored Master of Sports of Russia, double bronze medalist of the Olympics of Turin 2006 and Sochi 2014, multiple medalist of World Cup stages, 19-time champion of Russia, member of the Public Council for the support and development of sports in Moscow region. Ekaterina has been Awarded with an Order of Merit for the Fatherland, I and II degrees.
Zhilina Lyudmila Albertovna
Trainer of the highest category, with 30 years of experience. She has a pedagogical education and holds the title "Excellent worker in physical culture and sports".
Сидоров Альберт Альбертович
Мастер спорта России по конькобежному спорту. Тренер второй квалификационной категории. Опыт работы тренером 7 лет. Курс повышения квалификации категории тренер от 2020 года.